MICtreat® FPS Chemical Monitor Kit (10 Sample)

MICtreat® FPS Chemical Monitor Kit (10 Sample)

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Use to monitor waters or other fluids from FPS treated with MICtreat® FPS Chemical.

  • Type of Samples Tested Using This Kit:  Water or other fluids
  • # Samples Tested Using One Kit:  10
  • Shelf-life:  Approximately 1 year on all kit components except iodine, which has a 6-month shelf-life.  Iodine can be replaced without replacing the entire test kit.
  • Weight:  7 lbs
  • Use to enumerate viable bacteria belonging to the following group: 
    • Low nutrient bacteria (LNB)
  • Detection range:  1 to >100 LNB.  Additional bottles can be used to extend the detection range.
  • See Products>Microbiological Media for descriptions of media and organisms.
  • Use to quantify the following chemical parameters: 
    • Oxygen (dissolved)
    • THPS (active ingredient in MICtreat® FPS Chemical)
  • All materials necessary to collect samples and run tests
  • Complete instructions
  • Iodine refills available for this kit.  Contact us for details.