Lab Analyses

Chemical Lab Analyses

BTI Products can obtain analyses of most chemicals of interest.  However, we specialize in metals and inorganic and organic materials which are related to microbial and other corrosion problems.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs or to obtain a quote.

Materials Lab Analyses

BTI Products specializes in analyzing pipe and other materials for evidence of microbial involvement, including MIC. These investigations include formal analytical reports and photodocumentation. Physical and chemical analyses of specimens for evidence of microbial involvement is an essential part of any investigation, especially in cases involving litigation.

Description Price Each Discount %
Pipe analysis with photodocumentation: 1 pipe $1,207.00 n/a
Pipe analysis with photodocumentation: 2 pipes $1,087.00 10%
Pipe analysis with photodocumentation: 3+ pipes $966.00 20%


Microbiological Lab Analyses

BTI Products offers several different microbiological lab analyses to supplement on-site testing as well as to provide clients unable to perform on-site testing with reliable viable culture analyses.

MICkit® & MIPkit™ Test Kit Reports

For clients who would like a formal written report on their MICkit® and MIPkit™ test results and interpretations of the data. This option is useful for clients wanting documented third-party verification of test results.

To order a test kit report, fill out the Analytical Requests Sheet included with the kit instructions and return, along with your completed test kit, to BTI Products at the address listed.


Description Price Each
MICkit® 3 Test Kit Report $236.00
MICkit® 5 Test Kit Report $236.00
MICkit® Comprehensive Test Kit Report
MICkit® FPS Test Kit Report
MIPkit™ FPS Test Kit Report

Contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Viable Cultures Analyses

The most accurate method for determination of viable bacteria is to use BTI Products’ MICkit® or MIPkit™ test kits on site. See Products for descriptions and pricing.

If on-site testing is not an option, samples may be sent to BTI Products for viable cultures analyses. However, results will be subject to qualification because of conditions surrounding the collection and shipping/handling of the samples before they reach BTI Products’ laboratory.


Description Price Each
MICkit® 3: Inoculated & read by BTI Products $382.00
MICkit® 5: Inoculated & read by BTI Products $382.00
MICkit® Comprehensive: Inoculated & read by BTI Products
MICkit® FPS: Inoculated & read by BTI Products
MIPkit™ FPS: Inoculated & read by BTI Products

Contact us to discuss your particular needs.