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  • For initial analysis of samples from FPS and water-related industries when the most complete bacterial and chemical information is desired to help diagnose MIC and other corrosion problems. 
  • Use to test samples from FPS, cooling systems, and other systems using potable or industrial waters.
  • Ideal for testing make-up/source waters to determine if they are contributing to microbial and corrosion problems in the system.  Information obtained using this kit is also important in choosing an effective and safe cleaning/treatment package.
  • Type of Samples Tested Using This Kit:  All
  • # Samples Tested Using One Kit:  1
  • Shelf-life:  1 year
  • Weight:  3 lbs
  • Use to enumerate viable bacteria belonging to the following groups: 
    • Anaerobic bacteria (ANA)
    • Acid-producing bacteria (APB)
    • Iron-related bacteria (IRB)
    • Low nutrient bacteria (LNB)
    • Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB)
  • Detection range:  1 to >100,000 bacteria of each type.  Additional bottles can be used to extend the detection range.
  • See Products>Microbiological Media for descriptions of media and organisms.
  • Use to quantify/qualify the following chemical parameters: 
    • Alkalinity (total)
    • Carbonates
    • Chloride
    • Hardness (total)
    • Iron (total)
    • Oxygen (dissolved)
    • Particulates
    • pH
    • Sulfide
  • All materials necessary to collect samples and run tests
  • Complete instructions

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