MICkit® Pipe Inspection Kit

MICkit® Pipe Inspection Kit

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  • For physically inspecting pipes in systems that have tested positive for MIC-related bacteria and/or systems with a history of leaks/failures.
  • Information from the MICkit® Pipe Inspection Kit is vital in choosing an effective and safe cleaning/treatment package and in determining if equipment integrity is sufficient to continue in service.
  • For use in all industrial systems—especially FPS, tanks, and heat exchangers.
  • Type of Samples Tested Using This Kit:  All
  • # Samples Tested Using One Kit:  15
  • Shelf-life:  1 year
  • Weight:  5 lbs
  • Use to determine the following physical characteristics of corrosion and deposition:
    • Distribution—where in the system problems are occurring
    • Severity—how severe corrosion is (% pipe wall loss)
    • Chemical composition of any deposits—what deposits are made of
    • Removal of deposits by chemical agent—will cleaning agent will effectively and safely remove deposits
  • Use to quantify/qualify the following chemical parameters: 
    • Carbonates
    • Chloride
    • Iron (total)
    • pH
    • Sulfide
  • All materials necessary to collect samples and run tests
  • Complete instructions